8mmezzo is a cultural association aiming to revive the old films abandoned in attics and storage rooms. We work to become a reference in finding, digitizing and archiving old movies shot on 8mm, super8 and 16mm film. If you are interested in taking part in this challenge, bring us your old films!


our mission.

Old family movies shot on 8mm, Super8 and 16mm from the 30s to the 90s constitute an immense patrimony of individual testimonies – often unrevealed – of phenomena that have deeply marked our society.

In observing these movies, you can see not only private family scenes (baptisms, weddings, birthday parties, etc.), but also discover the everyday life of the past: places, travels, collective rituals, sports and public events that belong to the historical memory.

This great collective memory constitutes an essential heritage of our history to be understood as a history of a territory and the customs of its inhabitants.

The situation of these film material is today dramatic: generations of film enthusiasts have disappeared or are now inactive.

Most of them and their heirs are no longer able to project their movies. In addition, the films are stored in unsuitable places for their conservation (e.g. in attics or basements where deterioration inexorably occurs if no action is taken).

The cultural association 8mmezzo works for the rescue, digitization and restoration of this material. Old family movies will be cataloged, archived and made visible on an online platform able to give them new life.

our target.

FIND:It all started with the recovery of old small gauge films from Tuscan families. Today we also seek out films from distant shores.

RESTORE:We treat and repair the films carrying out traditional cleaning and recovery processes.

DIGITIZE:We digitize the films in Full HD by means of a film scanner, purchased with the money raised through a crowdfunding. The images captured by the scanner are digitally restored, thus obtaining better enjoyable final movies.

ARCHIVE: All the films treated by 8mmezzo are archived and cataloged according to European archiving standards.

ON-LINE:The digital files become part of an open-access digital library that can be consulted on the internet. This provides the opportunity to re-use the material in different ways and with various purposes.

bring your reels.

Scenes of everyday life, crafts, events, sports, and amateur shooting of any kind. The family holidays at the seaside shot by your parents, or the images showing some old profession now disappeared…this is what we are looking for! All film owners that send their reels to 8mmezzo will receive for free their digitized movies on DVD.


  • The participants declare to be holders of all material and immaterial rights, including those of usage, on the films presented. 
  • By sending the films the participants consent to their publication. 
  • Participants agree that their films are digitized and that the data on them are detected and recorded. 
  • The 8mmezzo will provide for the restoration costs of the degraded reels arrived, for their cleaning, for the restoration of their splices, and the complete functioning of the reels. 
  • The owner grants all rights of reproduction and use of the film content to 8mmezzo. 
  • All shipment costs are charged to the participants. 
  • The 8mmezzo cannot be held responsible for the success of the digitization if the films are degraded and/or ill preserved.  
  • The 8mmezzo does not take any responsibility for any mishandling of the original films during the shipment, or for any damage occurred during a correct projection. 
  • A DVD containing the digitized films (not digitally restored (attenzione! nella parte iniziale si dice che si restaura!), watermarked with the 8mmezzo logo) will be given free of charge to the participants in the project. The film owner and a 8mmezzo representative will watch the content together in order to select what to be included in the archive. 
  • The 8mmezzo will accept 150 meters of film (equivalent to about 10 reels) for free digitization. If the material is considered interesting for the 8mmezzo archive, other films will be digitized. 
  • The reels will be digitized according to the order of delivery. 
  • The personal data of the participants will be used exclusively for the purpose of the initiative (Italian law: Decreto Legislativo 30 giugno 2003, n. 196). 
  • Participants must be in possession of the 8mmezzo annual card and must agree with the terms and conditions of the competition.

about us:

MICHELE LEZZA Graduated at the ZeLIG in Bolzano as a documentary filmmaker. Worked for 17 years in video-production. Actually works as DIT (Digital Image Technician) in the film industry. Michele is the creator of 8mmezzo, providing the skills as a colorist and digital restorer that he gained in the field of cinematography. For more information www.michelezza.it.

FRANCESCO PACINI Born in 1982. Freelance camera operator and film editor. Active for many years in various fields of culture, video and entertainment. Francesco has been always passionate for film. He is the real technician of 8mm. The digitization always passes by his hands.

SARAH BOVANI Born in 1978. Graduated in literature and specialized in art history in Pisa. He started working in a bookstore and today he works in a library, archiving, cataloging and advising books! Her organization and precision is art. She is our expert for everything related to archives and cataloging.

GIORGIO TRUMPY After graduating in science for cultural heritage in Florence, becomes a researcher. He got his PhD in Basel working on a project for digitization and restoration of motion picture films. After two years at the National Gallery in Washington DC, Giorgio came back to Switzerland to work on technology and aesthetics of film colors at the University of Zurich. He is our mentor on any aspect related to film digitization.

support us.

This project is entirely self-financed. If you are interested in cinema and in preserving old films, you can help us too. You just have to bring us your old films in 8mm, super8 and 16mm or tell your friends, colleagues, and family about us. Share our Facebook page. Follow us on our social channels (located at the bottom of the site). Sign up to receive our newsletter.

DONATE Join the 8mmezzo family. Buy one of our t-shirts “Anacronistico è bello”. Donate us hard-disks, projectors, cameras, and other anachronistic film memorabilia that you do not use anymore.

VOLUNTEER Provide your professionalism for the project: graphics, video makers, photographers, ITs, archivists, designers can help the project.

contact us:


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