8mmezzo’s archive is in constant expansion. We digitize film on a daily basis, this then becomes part of our archive.
As an association we were born in Livorno, our initial archive is based on home videos shot in Tuscany on 8mm super 8 16mm.
Tuscans have always travelled – thanks to this our archive was enriched with many other Italian, European and world-wide locations.
Today we receive reels from the whole of Italy – our archive has now gathered film shot in many different places from Argentina to Japan.

Throughout the years our archive has been part of many different projects: At the cinema in award winning films (in awards such as the Nastri D’argento) or films presented at the Venice Film Festival, on TV news broadcasts such as RaiUno 8pm TG1, in documentaries, in museums, video installations, music festivals, music videos, exhibitions and many schools.

If you are in need of archival footage for your project you have two ways to access the material.
The first one is to come directly to our headquarters in Livorno in Via Ginori 29 in the Spazio Coworking in the center of the city. We will make our material available from our hard disks, a computer and an archivist who will help you with your research.

If you cannot come to our headquarters, you can e-mail us sending the details for your research and what you are looking for.
Sending us details and key words such as the format, years, color and other specific elements.
We then will upload the clip to our server in low resolution with footage we have found that suits the research.
We will apply a timecode for reference, so if you find what you are looking for, we will then send it in high resolution.

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